Sunday, January 1, 2012

Twenty-Twelve in Photos

I joined a new FB group (Twenty-Twelve in Photos - A daily photo project) and it is a challenge. I'm not one for taking pictures and the object of this group is to take a picture everyday in 2012. My challenge is taking a picture. It can be anything at any time of the day for any reason. I don't take pictures. Why did I join this group? because I'm getting older and I have never chronicled ME. I don't have pictures of me and I don't often  take pictures of things around me.
Charlie January 1, 2012

My first picture for 2012 is my dog Charlie. I was sitting here trying to figure out what my first picture would be and looked to my left and there was Charlie laying there keeping me company.
I adopted Charlie from Animal Control in August of 2007. He was about 6-weeks old and just the cutest thing around. We didn't go there to adopt an animal. but this was meant to be. We looked at him in his cage, there was no card so we knew he had been adopted. Who wouldn't want a tiny thing like that. He weighed about 3 pounds. We walked around looking at all the dogs and cats in the shelter. Took about an hour, we had to ooh and aah over so many of them. We returned to his cage, he was so cute, and there was his card. He hadn't been adopted. All the people that were there that day, and this poor puppy wasn't getting any close up love, so we gave him some love. We couldn't take him home that day, he had to be neutered; and as we drove out of the parking lot, my daughter and I looked at each other and said "Charlie" at the same time.
If you would like to join Twenty-Twelve in Photos - A daily photo project go on over there and request membership. This is going to be fun and very challenging for me.

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Vivi Casale said...

Charlie is so cute!! great pic Joyce!!