Monday, January 2, 2012

Stolen chair

I don't think taking a picture everyday for 366 days is going to be so hard. Its still morning and I have my picture.
That's my chair! That's not my dog! Ok, ok, he does live with me and he seems to have taken over my chair. It has been my chair for years and years. I read sitting in it, I watch TV, I talk and often eat while sitting in this chair. I sometimes even sleep in it. I often share my chair with my dog Charlie, but Ruffus has never been a chairmate. That is up until about two weeks ago. I don't know why he has decided that its his chair when I'm not in it. I must say that when I walk up to sit down, he jumps out of it, but not today. I took several pictures of him with my phone and mailed them to my computer (and that takes forever). My phone is nearly as old as my chair. 
Yip, picture opportunities happen.

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