Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Its day 10 and I'm still managing to get a picture. Since I don't do much, there's not much to take pictures of. I lead a very quiet (boring) life.
Today I was working on a swap project. I need 12 owls. These are sort a put together for this picture, I'm still working on them, not sure how to put them together. The lower owl has a shadow, base and not sure what the orange part is called. The white are the facial parts. Now the little one to the upper right, well, I not sure where that goes on this owl. The orange piece is the same as the craft piece in the lower owl. Have no idea what I'm suppose to do with the brown layer. I will put all little pieces left over in the envie with the completed owl and let the person that gets it, figure it out for herself.
I'm thinking of wiggly eyes. If I don't use them, I will put a set in the envie with the rest of the pieces.

well, owl be back here tomorrow. By-by for now

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