Sunday, January 15, 2012


Thomas at 3 years

This is Thomas my 18 lb. cat. He was picked up by a dumpster when he was just a few weeks old. He was a Thomas from when I first laid eyes on him. He has so much personality that everyone seems to love him. He is an outside cat and he loves to get into cars and sleep. In so doing, he has found himself on the road. People that come to my house know that they must keep their car door and windows closed or they may get home with a feline passenger that needs to be returned to his home. Yes, it has happened. He has gone lots of places in the back of our open bed p/u. Thomas also likes to look for fleas on his humans' heads, nibble their ears and you better watch out if he starts licking. Licking is the prelude to a bite. Most of the time its gentle, but he can get quite exuberant with his playfulness.  When he was a baby he was white with blue eyes. As he aged he developed his points. Little did I know when I brought him home that he has Siamese in him. It doesn't show in his body structure, but it sure shows up in his personality.

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